Saturday, February 17, 2007

you know you are a medical student when...

I found this on the internet (yeah, while I was supposed to be studying....). It's sad how true each of these actually is. There were actually more listed, but I didn't feel like listing every one of them. Even I don't slack THAT much...

-You have named a dead person and talk to them about your stresses while finding their lumbar plexus.

-When you go out with non-medical students, you're abnormally quiet because you don't know what to talk about besides medical school.

-You've heard the phrase "You must be smart - you're in medical school" and want to vehemently disagree.

-You can't remember the last time you did anything spontaneous.

-You know that, in theory, you really do have family and friends but you can't place the last time you saw them.

-You know countless dirty mneumonics for parts of the body but couldn't tell anyone what the the front page headline in the news was today.

-You know that there is such a thing as studying too much and that after you reach that point, further study will only bring your grades down.

-You know that even with residency hour restrictions, you'll still be making less than the secretary when you finally graduate.

-You've done physical exams on your boyfriend/girlfriend/close friend/roommate.

-You think it's "AWESOME!" if someone keels over in front of you

-You're pretty sure you used to be normal in social situations but now you can completely stop a conversation by recounting the time the that some guy peed and bled all over you during a code.

-You've thought something like "What's another 10,000 in loans?"

-The word holiday means the weekend after exams.

-You have a non-medical student in your life that either elbows you or says "Forgive her, she's a medical student" when you say socially awkward things.

-You've thought something along the lines of "Why couldn't my grandfather/brother/sister/best friend have waited until AFTER exams to die/get married/graduate."