Friday, January 23, 2009

Current Gripes

"...HERE'S your sign...."
Current mood: bitchy
Current gripes:
To Loma Linda: Seriously, folks, PCM is overrated. I don't give a proverbial crap about my diabetes education project. I also don't particularly care about PT/OT/speech therapy/orthotics & prosthetics/nutrition, or any of the other assundry didactic session topics. I don't care about my leadership style, and I really don't think that what 2 shapes I draw on a piece of paper dictate my personality.
To Dr. ______: The Power of Belief? I believe that I just don't give a powerful damn. I think your lecture was bunk. I also think you are a hypocrite. You probably don't remember me, but I'm the student that wound up crying after I rounded with you one morning while on the _____ service. You were the ONLY person that made me cry that entire SURGEON treated me better than you did. Just keep up your lectures about positive thinking, jackass.
To whomever decided to take a literal crap in the outer hall of my apartment complex: you are seriously disgusting. Life on earth as you know it would have ended if I hadn't been awake enough to see the pile for what it was and avoid walking through it.
To my apartment complex maintenance/management: how about you do your job? Four days with a pile of poo does not make me happy. It also goes a long way in explaining why the two apartments flanking mine have been empty for awhile now. C'mon,'s not rocket science.
To the nurse on "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader:" You suck. Literally and figuratively. How are you unaware that there are 2 (count violins in a string quartet? Or only ONE "d" in the word 'kindergarten?' Why have you been under a 30 year assumption that Niagara Falls can be found in Minnesota? More disturbingly, HOW did you manage to flunk out before you even got to the 3rd grade questions....but still manage to assume patient care responsibilities for life forms any higher than a rock?
To the US Airline Industry: Why are tickets to New Hampshire nearly $700? And for that amount of money, why do I get such crappy customer service? For $700 (on a COACH ticket, might I add...) you ought to GIVE me extra leg room. I should also receive an on-flight meal, all the alcoholic beverages my heart desires, a Shiatsu-massage equipped reclining seat, a stick with which to beat any obnoxious seat-mate who invades my personal bubble, stewardesses who do not run over my feet with the drink cart, and the ability to check 1 bag for free. Oh that come and go when they're supposed to would also be a perk. But whatever.
And seriously, Mr. President....closing Guantanamo? From one Democrat to another, what the F-_-_-K are you thinking?